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Learn about happiness, success, and achieving life goals through achieving
financial goals

Achieving life goals such as happiness is important to all of us. There are many other important values such as health, mental wellbeing and self-esteem. There are different intentions which we can have to accomplish our life goals and express our values. However, dissaving and spending more than we are supposed to on “daily pleasures” often prevents us from accomplish our life goals


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Did you know most investors are unaware of their own Risk tolerance and Risk appetite (Risk capacity)? When Risk appetite and tolerance are not in balance, investors often make mistakes which cost them money by making them. Knowing your own Risk capacities is probably the most important step before considering investing/trading. Answer a short survey to understand your own Risk tolerance to find out if your own Risk appetite and Risk tolerance are out of balance.

At WaveRidersCM you will get educated on how evaluate your personal financial situation and craft your own personal savings plan, life goal calculator and/or asset allocation (portfolio) as a roadmap to achieve your life goals

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Are you not interested in knowing what is happening in the market today? You can always look at the current market updates by clicking here


Combining theory, history, psychology, Risk capacity and current market developments and knowledge of industry to reach your financial goals.


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