Reaching your financial goals is our priority

How it works - 1

Chapter 1happiness and success

This chapter covers how to set life, financial, and investment goals

How it works - 2

Chapter 2 – Our own worst enemy – dissaving and investment mistakes

How it works - 4

Chapter 3 – Know how to be right

Understand what Risk tolerance and Risk appetite (Risk capacity) are.

Knowing your own Risk capacities is probably the most important step before considering investing/trading.

How it works - 3

Chapter 4 – Planning a play and playing the plan

Understand how evaluate your personal financial situation and craft your own personal savings plan, life goal calculator and/or asset allocation (portfolio) as a roadmap to achieve your life goals

How it works - 5

Chapter 5 – staying on course “within statistical control volatility” is not something to worry about, learning to see movements in the big picture context

How it works - 6

Chapter 6 – Create a true understanding

Understanding how investing work can be used to achieve life goals. Learning about the investing history,theory, psychology  and current environment is a good first step towards achieving your financial freedom