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In most cases, people do not even think about their goals when investing. The process usually begins with hearing about a market instrument and allocating one’s entire net worth to this asset class. In the rare cases where the goals are discussed those refer to capital appreciation and income growth of investment. These are the goals of investment process, but not the goals of the investor. Many people have failed to understand that the final goal of investment is not to grow capital or income , but to grow capital and income in order to achieve particular pre-defined life goals, that makes us happy. even worse investing sometimes brings unhappiness brought by investing mistakes and misbehaviors which result in a total loss of capital, because they were not clearly defined life goals.

WaveridersCM is a web-based wealth management portal providing education that helps people clarify the difference between investing goals and life goals. If we had to explain the investing process in two sentences, the first most important part is to choose what you want in life and why. The second part is choosing the way to get there(income growth or capital appreciation).  Debt can be used to accomplish bigger goals such as buying a house. However, for many of our other goals such as children’s education, retirement, trip around the world, we can use a different strategy.

The key takeaway is that one can achieve much better returns and accomplish his or her life goals at the same time(being happy and successful). However, this requires a person to have clear life goals and the asset allocation (the choice of how to allocate the money) should reflect this. If you don’t know how to define your life goals, that’s fine, we can also help you with that. You could use our WAVERIDERSCM goal sheet.

We will help you achieve happiness and success by helping your clarify your life goals and translating them into financial and investment goals. Learn More