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Educating you on how to reach your life goals is our priority

The first web based wealth management education portal for those who want to get educated how to build and manage a portfolio to accomplished their life goal through accomplishing their financial goals. Adjusted – Noble Laureates investment theory overview and creation of optimal portfolio to accomplish life goals.


I. Define life goals that make you happy

II. Express them as financial goals so you can succeed in the things that make you happy

III. Outline a plan to achieve happiness and success by achieving success in the things you really want

The WaveRidersCM Academy

The  WaveRidersCM Research prodigy

The Investment Addict Research Report Series

The News of the News

The WaveRiders Academy provides education on the methodology of defining life goals as financial goals and crafting a plan to achieve those.

Applying the WaveRidersCM Method to learn about history, theory, psychological biases and current market developments as other key factors that determine investment success.

The  WaveRidersCM Research prodigy – represents education on how to examine companies and investment instruments – how to make evidence based financial decisions before investing.


The Investment Addict Series by WaveRidersCM – educational market outlook on current developments in the financial markets (Cryptocurrencies, stocks and others) in order to avoid misbehavior which result in losses.

The News of the News – hypotheses about previously unseen market developments such as the drop of Oil price in 2020 and implications for businesses, industries and individual investments.

Business information and infographics concept.
Life goals
and Financial goals

Get educated about achieving your life goals by defining them as financial goals

Risk appetite and investing misbehavior

Understand most common mistakes which result in personal losses due to high risk appetite. Answer a simple survey based on academic pre - validated questions and we'll help you understand your own risk profile

Achieve your life goals via evidence based decision making

Combining theory, history, psychology, Risk capacity and current market developments to achieve your life goals

Our mission

Today investing has become about charging clients fees on investments regardless of portfolio managers’ performance. In no other industry, there is such a gap between payments to a firm and performance. Media, industry and Wallstreet have confused customers that investing is about transferring money from their individual accounts to their company accounts so they can buy billion-dollar homes and planes.

Our mission is to improve the financial industry by redefining the word “investing”. Currently investing is about making money or at best about retirement needs. We want to emphasize the importance of happiness, health and making the most out of life and the role  that investing plays in accomplishing our life goals.